Scope of works included

Brand strategy / Concept design / Customer journey design / Graphic communication / Material & Furniture specification / Signage & way finding

Totally Work Wear wanted to reinvigorate the traditional work wear store, pulling people in-store and away from online purchasing.


TWW had seen sales take a nose dive as trade professionals were turning more to buying their clothing & accessories online. Following in-depth research it was discovered this was primarily due to ease of online purchasing and work recommendations. It was decided using the knowledge of the staff along with an omni-channel brand experience that this would re-engage advocacy and drive footfall.


LOMI created ‘TAILORED TO YOU’. A retailing idea that breathes relevance and expertise into an established brand and helps differentiate it from ambitious competitors. Combining a contemporary store format easy to navigate by the customer mission and seamless online interface. This transformed the retail experience into a place that was empowering for the customer and brought them closer to TWW’s experts and dedicated people.

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