The Beginnings
Signage is the aspect of a brand that's seen when people are out and about, whether it be a sign on a shop, restaurant or a place business. Large scale promotions such as window vinyls or poster are also viewed in similar situations and are also used in smaller formats like editorial and online adverts.

Lomi Design creating eye innivotive signage and promotions designs that standout against the crowd in visually busy environments.

Each and every business wants to be the most noticeable brand in its market, especially when competitors and various other services are close by and vying for attention. This doesn't mean your visual presences needs to be the brightest and biggest, it's more important to stand out for the right reasons, whether it be in the physical world, online or in an editorial. Sometimes it can be more effective to be subtle and promotes your services in the best way that reflects your brand personality. We have extensive experience designing signage and promotions that are effective in helping your offer stand out for the right reasons and be the best within the market, helping your company grow and be successful.

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